CAT Eduroam Linux installer bugs and quirks (at the 3 march 2018)

The eduroam community propose installers for various OS including Linux. But the Linux installer, targeting NetworkManager, has many deficiencies:

My best advice: get the data from the installer, and do it yourself !

Extract the certificates and informations from the installer of CAT and fill it in your Network Manager connection editor (or your favorite connexion editor).

It is quite easy, and you will not harm your own configuration.

nmcli can do a better, simpler, job than the CAT script

On a modern Linux, would be possible to achieve a better results with a one-liner using nmcli and the EAP XML file from cat eduroam installer pages:

My one liner use nmcli opennssl to convert PEM to DER and perl6 to read certificate in the EAP XML (I let to the reader the translation to sed if needed).

It may not work directly for your universities. Check your EAP XML configuration first.

.h2 for UGA, GINP and Inria (PEAP)

mkdir -p ~/.cat_installer && cat "THE LONG CERTIFICATE CONTENT" > ~/.cat_installer/ca.pem && nmcli  con add type wifi con-name YOUR_CONNEXION_NAME ssid eduroam ifname wlan0 -- 802-1x.eap peap 802-1x.anonymous-identity anonymous@EXTRACTED_DOMAIN 802-1x.identity LOGIN "file://$HOME/.cat_installer/ca.pem" 802-1x.phase2-auth mschapv2 802-1x.password-flags 0x2 802-11-wireless-security.key-mgmt wpa-eap