My research interests are focused on system architecure for high performance computing and large distributed system (Grid, Cloud, Cluster and P2P Computing).

Current Projets:

Below list of project (academic or software) where I'am participating at different levels.

Scientific Projects:

  • Grid5000: Platform for experimental computer science
  • CIMENT: This project is an effort toward the federation of all scientific parallel computing needs among Grenoble University.

Software Projects:

  • OAR: A resource ans job managment system for clusters and distributed infrastructures.
  • CiGri: A ligthweight and simple grid solution for Bag of tasks.
  • ComputeMode: Deploying lightweight clustering framework for intranets.
  • Expo: A tool to control distributed experiments.
  • Kadeploy: Deployment and provision tool for large cluster and grid (participation as supporter).
  • Taktuk: middleware for adaptive deployment of parallel remote executions (participation as suppoter.

PHD Students:

  • Joseph Emeras: Present (Performance Evaluation of HPC Resource Management )
  • Yiannis Georgiou: PHD 5/11/10 (Resource Management for Large Computing / Gestion de ressource pour le calcul intensif)
  • Brice Videau: PHD 28/09/09 (Large Scale Experiment Control / Conduite d'expérience à grande échelle)
  • Lucas Nussbaum: PHD 4/12/08 (Emulation for P2P System Testing / Emulation pour l'étude des système P2P)
  • Georges Da Costa: PHD 09/11/05 (Caractérisation et génération d'environnement pour les systèmes P2P)
  • Mauricio Pillon: PHD 30/11/04 (Adaptive control system with hardware performance counters)


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Past Projects:

Below list of projects (academic or software) where I have participated.